5 Hand & Finger Exercises To Reduce Arthritic Symptoms

Arthritis Pain Symptom Relief with Hand & Finger Exercises

Joint pain, stiffness, inflammation, and tenderness all qualify as symptoms of arthritis. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

Though there is currently no cure for arthritis, there are some ways you can help reduce its painful symptoms. We share five simple exercises that could aid in arthritic joint pain relief.

1. Clench Your Fists

Start with your hands and fingers spread out. Then slowly clench your hands into fists, keeping your thumb on the outside of the fist. Slowly unclench your fists into their original positions. Try doing this 10 times, being mindful not to squeeze your hand too hard.

2. Bend Your Knuckles

With your fingers straight, bend your knuckles are far as they can comfortably go before applying a stretch and straightening your fingers fully.

3. Bend Your Thumbs

Hold the base of one hand’s thumb with your other hand. Without moving the base of this thumb, bend the top half of the thumb until you feel the stretch. Return the thumb to its original position and then repeat 10 times before switching hands.

4. Lift Your Fingers

Rest the palm of your hands on a flat surface with all your fingers spread apart. Begin to lift each finger individually off the table, one by one. Hold each finger in the air for a few seconds before slowly lowering it.

5. Making an “O”

Start with your hands out and fingers straight. Then curve all your fingers inward until they touch. Your fingers should form the shape of an “O”. Hold this position for a few seconds before straightening your fingers again. Repeat this exercise a few times on each hand.

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