5 Ways To Practice Self-Care This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is more more than just flowers, chocolates and fancy dinners with a significant other. It's also about showing some love to one of the most important people on this planet: yourself. Enjoy the day your way with these five ways to practice self care.

1. Self-Therapy Massage

Self massage helps to maintain health, strength and flexibility. If you don't always have the time or funds to make it to a massage therapist on a regular basis, the Gelliflex™ Abacus® is a great alternative. It's a customizable and affordable way to manage elbow, wrist, hand, and finger pain anytime, anywhere. Check out these videos to see the different techniques and movements you can accomplish with this revolutionary device.

2. Practice Gratitude

Consciously practicing positive thinking on a regular basis can contribute to self-care. This can get us out of old ruts by taking us to a happier mindset. Feeling fulfilled and thankful can change the physiology of your internal landscape. Writing in a journal about the things you're grateful for, or even simply just meditating on them is a simple yet effective way to boost your mood.

3. Try Something New

Whether it's a new recipe or something that's been sitting on your bucket list, new experiences are a great way to feel uplifted, especially if you've been in a rut. Even if you fail at whatever it is, or don't end up enjoying it, just the fact that you were bold enough to try it is a rewarding way to boost self confidence.

4. Destress

Fill the tub with bubbles, curl up with a book, or find another way to submerge yourself in relaxation. Dabbing some essential oils on your temples or lighting some scented candles are great ways to feed your senses without worrying about calories.

5. Disconnect

Close your laptop and step away from your phone. Turning away from these tech distractions and "noise" can help us better focus and connect with what's most meaningful, like real life experiences with our kids, partner, pets, and the world around us. Your email and text messages will still be there. These fleeting moments won't.

No matter what your status is — single, taken, or still figuring out — as the universal day of love, there is no reason why February 14 can't be about self-love.