The 1-2-3's of the Gelliflex® Abacus®

What is the Abacus Self Massage Arm Pain Tool?

The Gelliflex® Abacus® is a gel-ball self-massage device designed for relief from hand, elbow, wrist, and arm aches and pains caused by overuse or repetitive activity.

The Abacus incorporates interchangeable non-latex 52MM gel-balls of differing firmness, allowing you to customize and create thousands of restorative combinations. The soft elastomer material, known as Gelliprene, provides the gel-balls with a better tactile and therapeutic feel, supporting self-treatment techniques of squeezing, rolling, and compression. The purple ball is the softest, followed by the green ball, and the blue ball which is the firmest.

How Do I Use the Abacus for Arm Pain?

The countless Abacus combinations allow focus on a particular part of your hand and arm, as well as moving fluidly from one motion to the next, much like a therapist would provide.

The sturdy, wear-resistant H-shaped frame allows you to hold the device by the grip or handle of the Abacus for added comfort and stability depending on the technique you're doing (check out our videos page for the most popular techniques using your Abacus).

There are several axle slots on the device: 6 on the front (white side of frame) and 5 on the back (grey side of frame). These axle slots are built in and can easily open and close. They're numbered and also have Braille designations. You can slide one or two gel-balls through the solid steel axels, securing them in place with the spacers and end caps. The sliding trigger lock locks the axles in place of the designated slots.

Feel free to reach out to us at to answer any further questions about your device or how to use it!