Allergy Relief With Massage Therapy

Using Massage to Help Relieve & Lessen Allergy Symptoms

Spring is in the air… along with seasonal allergens.

When allergic reactions occur, your body produces antibodies and/or releases histamines. These histamines trigger the allergic reaction. 

But massage therapy can actually offer some relief to those pesky allergy symptoms that include red, itchy and teary eyes, nasal congestion, and sinus pain.

While massage therapy can’t completely end all allergic reactions to specific allergens, it can certainly help relieve and lessen the intensity of the symptoms.

Stimulate Natural Endorphins

Massage generates calming effects through touch and stimulation, reducing the body's level of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. It can trigger mood-enhancing chemicals like dopamine or serotonin and stimulate the release of natural endorphins that may help relieve a person from their allergic symptoms. 

Different trigger points can aid in relaxing tension and reducing your body’s panic reaction to allergic reaction. Massage can also soothe your muscles that have tightened from coughing, sneezing, and other allergy-related pains.

The combination of reduced levels of stress hormones and state of relaxation can help strengthen the immune system and build your tolerance to allergy symptoms.

So the next time you reach for the tissues or can't take another sneeze, consider trying massage therapy to alleviate your allergies.