Bicep Rolling On The Abacus®

How To Use The Rolling Feature of The Abacus® for Your Bicep

Bicep rolling on the Gelliflex® Abacus® releases tension, restores gliding of muscles and fascia, improves upper arm movement, and function.

You can do bicep rolling movements by either grasping or nestling the Abacus®.

Guiding with your opposite arm, slowly roll your biceps region with one or two gel- balls. Explore rolling the entire front of your upper arm region from your elbow to your shoulder. Keep your wrist neutral.

Add elbow motions by slowly bending and straightening your elbow, gently resting your biceps region into the gel-balls or while slowly rolling.

To get a better view of elbow compression in action, watch our elbow compression “how to” video here.