Elbow Compression On The Abacus®

How Do I Use the Abacus for Elbow Pain?

Elbow Compression on the Gelliflex® Abacus® releases tension, improves hydration and mobility of muscles and fascia, increases elbow movement and function. It can be done horizontal, sideways, vertical and angled on the Abacus ®.

Slowly lean your elbow region between the gel-balls, pressing your elbow slightly forward and back, and side-to-side, experiencing gentle and sustained compression.

Comfortably press your outer and inner elbow into the gel-balls, varying the angles and amount of pressure.

Add other elbow motions by maintaining gentle elbow compression into the gel-balls and move slowly, partially bend and straighten your elbow. If you feel comfortable enough, gently rotate your forearm – turning your palm up and down.

To get a better view of elbow compression in action, watch our elbow compression “how to” video here.