FINALLY! One Device that Relieves Hand, Finger, and Arm Pain

The Abacus® Helps Relieve Arm, Forearm, Wrist, Hand, & Finger Pain

At the AMTA Convention in Pasadena on September 14th, 2017, Gelliflex® Systems LLC launched its much-anticipated massage device called the Abacus®; a unique self-care massage therapy device intended to simulate a compressive and circulatory self-massage on fingers, hands, and arms.

This "how to" video provides instruction on the basic functions of the Abacus®


The Abacus® is the most customizable self-therapy massage device on the market today. Our patent-pending design is the only product that combines the features of squeeze ball techniques, rolling action, and compression with almost infinite combinations. These features allow the user to either focus on a particular part of the finger/hand/arm, or to move fluidly from one motion to the next – much like a massage therapist. When not in use, this portable, lightweight device is easy to store. 

 Many self-care devices provide only one of our features or functionalities, but typically a user must shift from one device to another to target all the areas the Abacus® focuses on. The Abacus® provides a holistic solution for finger/hand/arm self-therapy.