7 Foods To Avoid That Trigger Arthritis

Arthritis Triggering Foods to Keep In Check

Certain foods are known to trigger arthritic symptoms relating to inflammation and joint pain. Here are 7 foods to avoid to help prevent arthritis and manage these arthritis-related symptoms. 

Sugar & Refined Carbohydrates

After consuming simple carbohydrates like sugary snacks and drinks, white flour-based breads and pastas, and white rice, your blood sugar levels can spike. This will cause your body to produce cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory chemicals that can worsen your arthritis. These foods can also be the culprit of weight gain which can add stress to your joints. Stick to naturally sweet foods like fruits when you have a sweet tooth and go for whole grain substitutes in place of white bread, rice and pastas.

Processed Foods

Frozen foods or those that require minimal cooking tend to be loaded with ingredients that can cause inflammation. These products can be packed with sugar, refined carbs and saturated fats. Stay clear of the center aisles of the grocery store which often contain processed foods that are tempting to throw into your cart of basket.

Fried Foods

Research from Mount Sinai School of Medicine has found that reducing consumption of fried and processed foods can help reduce inflammation. Cutting back on fried foods can actually reduce inflammation and restore the body’s natural defenses. A healthier option to try is baking your foods in order to achieve a crispier texture you usually get from fried foods.

Red Meat

Certain cuts of red meat contain high levels of saturated fat. This can cause inflammation and contribute to obesity. In addition, a high intake of the omega-6 fatty acids red meat contains can also contribute to inflammation. If you don’t want to give up red meat completely, stick to leaner cuts that still contain protein, nutrients and the great taste you may be craving.


Caffeine is said to increase inflammation-causing acidity in the blood. Substitute a cup of joe with some herbal tea or lemon water.


Regularly consuming eggs can lead to more inflammation and swelling due to the yolk. In addition, the saturated fats and cholesterol found in eggs isn’t the best to consume when trying to control your arthritis pain. When it comes to using eggs for baking, avocados, applesauce, bananas, or coconut/soy yogurt are great alternatives.


Aside from causing other health issues, consuming alcohol can affect your joints. To maintain healthy joints, try to stick with a balanced diet, remain physically active, and get as much rest when you can. If you can’t cut out alcohol completely, try to at least cut back and ramp up on other healthy choices.

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