Forearm Rolling On The Abacus®

How Can the Abacus® Help Ease Forearm Pain?

Forearm Rolling releases tension, restores gliding of muscles and fascia, increases forearm and wrist movement, and improves forearm, wrist and hand function.

To perform forearm rolling movements, slowly roll your forearm over one or more gel-balls, from wrist to elbow. Explore rolling the front, back, and sides of your forearm – turning your palm down and up. Keep your wrist neutral.

For ball rolling techniques, use your opposite arm to slowly roll and guide the gel-balls over the front, back and sides of your forearm, keeping both wrists neutral.


Add wrist motions by slowly bending your wrist forward and backward over one or two gel-balls, resting the front or back of your forearm on the gel-balls or while very slowly rolling.

To get a better view of forearm rolling on the Gelliflex® Abacus® in action, watch our forearm rolling “how to” video here.