Musicians Use the Abacus® to Stay Tuned

Musicians are athletes of the arts, and like other athletes, need to take care of their bodies.

Learn More About the Gelliflex Abacus

The Gelliflex® Abacus® is a gel-ball trigger point and self-massage device utilizing balls of different firmness and customizable with a variety of positions - creating literally 1000’s of restorative combinations. The Abacus® is for those who seek relief from aches and pains caused by overuse or repetitive activity, such as:

  • RSI from overplaying
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Forearm ache and pain 



The Following Combos Offer Relief
for Many Common Musician-related Aches & Pains

Musician Hand Compression Therapy Videos Musician Wrist Compression Therapy Videos Musician Forearm Compression Therapy Videos


Sample Movements for Musician Elbow

Abacus® Set Up

Place one gel-ball in the center of an axle, with spacers and end caps on each side. On another axle, place two gel-balls and end caps. Lock the ball assemblies into two slots on the frame, leaving one slot space open between (for example: slots 2 and 4). Additionally, place a third axle with one (add spacers) or two gel-balls and end caps into the frame end slot (9) and lock.


Slowly lean your elbow regions between the gel-balls, pressing your elbow slightly forward and back, and side-to-side, experiencing gentle and sustained compression. Comfortably press your outer and inner elbow into the gel-balls, varying the angles and amount of pressure.


Releases tension, improves hydration and mobility of muscles and fascia, increases elbow movement and function.

Discover other movements and their benefits in the Abacus® Handbook (pdf).

Sample Musician Abacus<sup>®</sup> Exercises


Musicians bodies take a beating with practice
and performances. Through proper self-care,
the Abacus® can help provide much-needed relief.


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