The Gelliflex® Abacus®: Ideal for Gamers

A portable Self Therapy Massage Tool for Gamers

For serious gamers playing intensively over long periods of time, it's important to take care of the tools that help you conquer and win: your hands and arms.

Repetitive Arm Movement. Wrist Pain. Sore Fingers. Gamers Thumb. These issues can all shorten a gamers life "in the game". The Gelliflex Abacus is a portable self-therapy massage device gamers can use to offset any hand, wrist and arm stress caused from hours of playing. A couple short movements - rolling, squeezing, and compression - can really keep you in shape. 

A Competitive Edge to Extend Your Gaming Career

Not only will maintaining strong hands and arms give you a competitive edge against players who don't bother to make self care a priority, it will also help you avoid injury - prolonging your gaming career.

Discover how the Gelliflex Abacus can further help gamers in this video.

Gelliflex Abacus is ideal for gamers

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