The Man Behind the Massager – Craig Olschansky

What does it take to become an inventor? Basically, have a problem to solve.

After sitting hunched over my desk for many hours over many years, I ended up with back and neck problems that caused pain in my fingers, hands, and arms. Playing sports like tennis and golf also caused these pains to get worse. 

I turned to massages and reflexology, which helped to relieve those aches and pains, ease joints and muscles, and help me feel better. I greatly believe in self-care, so paying a professional massage therapist was worth the investment. However, finding the time, resources and an actual person to help with my pain wasn't something I was able to do every day. 

So how could I assist my own massage therapy? 

I started looking at the devices on the market. After trying one after the other, none of them really worked well for all of my problem areas. They usually only worked for one single part or were cumbersome. I ended up with a basket of massage therapy devices. 

What I needed was a single, easy-to-use device that could address all of these issues. I spent over 3 years designing and developing the Abacus®. I built my first prototype out of wood, stainless rods and squeeze balls that looked very much like an abacus. The Abacus® became the solution to my own problems and I want to share it with anyone who experiences the same muscle pains and fatigue I once suffered.