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Take care of your valuable assets - fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, with the Abacus®

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Designed with therapists in mind, The Abacus was designed providing 1000s of restorative combinations to meet the needs of the massage therapists.

Quickly and easily customize the Abacus with gel balls color-coded for different firmnesses and arrange the configuration to meet your needs. Gelliflex uses a proprietary soft gel ball formula designed to provide the best relief. Your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms will appreciate the self-care this device can provide keeping you in great working order!



For Pain Management and Body Maintenance
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Massage Therapist Hand Compression Massage Therapists Wrist Compression Massage Therapist Forearm Compression


Sample Movements for Wrist Compression

Abacus Set Up

Place one gel-ball in the center of an axle, with spacers and end caps on each side. On another axle, place two gel-balls and end caps. Lock the ball assemblies into two slots of the frame, leaving at least one space open between (for example: slots 2 and 4). Additionally, place a third axle with one (add spacers) or two gel-balls and end caps into the frame’s end slot (9) and lock.


Slowly slide your wrist forward and back between the ball assemblies, experiencing gentle and sustained compression. Explore varying your wrist position, turning your palm down and up, in and out. Keep your fingers straight, wrist neutral.


Releases tension, improves hydration and mobility of muscles and fascia, increases hand and wrist movement, improves wrist function.

Discover other movements and their benefits in the Abacus Handbook (pdf).

Massage Therapists Exercises with the Abacus


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Massage Therapists Find Relief from Nagging Aches and Pains with the Abacus®


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