Triceps Compression On The Abacus®

How Can the Abacus® Help With Tricep Arm Pain?

Triceps compression on the Gelliflex® Abacus® releases tension, improves hydration and mobility of muscles and fascia, and increases upper arm movement and function. 

The experiencing gentle to moderate sustained triceps compression, slowly slide your upper arm forward and back between the ball assemblies. Explore varying your upper arm position, gently rotating your upper arm from your shoulder.

You can also try tricep compression with the balls on the end of the device. With gentle to moderate pressure, compress one or two gel-balls into your triceps region. Vary your upper arm positions, gently rotating your upper arm from your shoulder.

Add triceps motion by slowly straightening and bending your elbow, maintaining gentle to moderate triceps compression.

To get a better view of triceps compression in action, watch our triceps compression “how to” video here.