Wrist Rolling On The Abacus®

Help Relieve Wrist Pain With The Abacus®

The benefits of wrist rolling on the Gelliflex ® Abacus® include releasing tension, restoring gliding of muscles and fascia, increasing hand and wrist movement, and improving wrist function.

The movement of wrist rolling involves slowly rolling the base of your hand and wrist over one or more gel-balls of varying firmnesses, customized to your liking. Explore rolling the front, back and sides of your wrists, turning your palm down, up, in and out.

Rolling the gel-balls over your wrist can also work with this technique. Guiding with your opposite arm, slowly roll the gel-balls over the front, back and sides of your wrist. Keep both wrists neutral.

Incorporate wrist motions by slowly and gently bending your wrist forward and backward over one or two gel-balls, resting your wrist on the gel-balls or while slowly rolling. If you feel comfortable, gently move your wrist side-to-side.

To get a better view of wrist rolling in action, watch our wrist rolling “how to” video here.