Hello, I’m Craig Olschansky and inventor of the Gelliflex® Abacus®.

I’m a lawyer, business owner, father, family man, inventor. After sitting at a desk hunched over a keyboard and papers for many hours over many years, I ended up with back and neck problems that caused pain in my fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, arms, and elbows. I enjoy tennis, swimming and running around with my kids. I am just a regular guy with a job, family, and hobbies. But over time my lifestyle started to affect my ability to do things and be active. Pain was a constant for me.

I Searched for a Real Pain Relief Solution

So just like many of you that start to suffer from aches and pains, I searched out treatment. I got massages, did physical therapy, bought every kind of self-therapy massage device on the market. Many things helped for the moment. Of course a good full body massage is an incredible healing treatment for the body. I’d have that kind of massage all the time if I could-but that takes another person and time – as well as considerable money.

As for the devices I bought, none of them really worked well for all of the areas of the hands and arms. Usually, the problem was that the devices I found were too hard or too cumbersome. Or they worked ok for my forearm but not my hand or fingers. Or vice versa. I needed something- one device- that could address all of these issues rather than having a series of multiple tools to do different things.

And that is where the idea for The Abacus was born.

I designed and developed the Abacus for myself initially (I built my first prototype out of wood, stainless rods and squeeze balls- it looked like an abacus). I started using it daily on my fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, arms, elbows. As we know massages and reflexology help to relieve aches and pains, ease joints and muscles and generally just feel great. So if I could massage myself on a daily basis I figured I could start feeling – well great.

The Abacus® provides that for me and now I want it to be able to provide that to you as well. This is such a revolutionary idea in massage maintenance. It is flexible and customizable. You can adjust it for your needs and use it on many different parts of your body.