Combat Gamer's Thumb with The Abacus®

Quick, repetitive use of the wrist, arm, hand, and especially the fingers are becoming a common problem for amateur and pro gamers. Now, more than ever, gamers are experiencing injuries such as gamer’s thumb, Nintendonitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tennis elbow, and de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. If you are a gamer and repetitively use your wrists, hands, and fingers for your sport, you should be aware of the strain your body is under with repetitive motion.

One of the best ways to combat trigger point pain specific to gaming is with the Gelliflex® Abacus®. The Abacus® is a self-therapy device for those who seek relief from hand, finger, thumb, elbow, and arm pain and aches caused by overuse or repetitive activity.

Gaming Injuries - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist pain can be from the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome (pressure on a nerve in your hand) or pain from a repetitive strain injury (i.e. repetitive mouse clicking). Numbness and tingling in the pinky and ring finger are often first signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for gamers.

Anyone who plays regularly should be aware of how to identify and treat these aches and pains, but more importantly, pro-actively strengthen and protect your wrists, hands, and fingers so you can play those long hours pain-free. Professional teams are more focused on player wellness than ever and are ensuring the health and safety of their teams. It is up to both the individual and the teams to implement quality self-care protocols.

There are a variety of therapies to help alleviate pain from gaming, however, if you have significant pain and numbness, you should consult a medical professional first, to help avert a worsening or serious injury.


As a Gamer, how do I use the Abacus®?