Abacus on other parts of the body?

Yes, you may use it on any part of the body that you can reach, including your foot. The Abacus® is very strong, but has not been tested for heavy weight, therefore, we cannot guarantee it will withstand body weight if you stand on it or by adding pressure from your foot if you try to slide it between ball assemblies.

Are the gel balls made from latex?

The Gelliprene™ balls are latex free.

How many ball assemblies can fit on the Abacus?

Up to 5 double ball assemblies (slots 2, 5 and 6 on the top and slots 7 and 9 the bottom)

What happens if I lose some parts like an end cap or 2?

You can purchase additional replacement parts. Please contact us at help@gelliflex.com and we will get you sorted.

Is the Abacus useful for anyone or is it designed mostly for professional use?

The Abacus® is ready to use for anyone who has arms and hands (and other body parts like feet and thighs) and wants to self-massage them.

How do I clean the Abacus?

Please see our Care and Instructions at Care & Cleaning

Can I purchase the Abacus at any retail outlet or just online?

For now, you can only get the Abacus at gelliflex.com

Has the FDA approved the Abacus?

The Abacus is not intended to be a medical device and has therefore not been submitted to the FDA for review.

How do I leave a review on the Abacus?

Go to the Abacus product page

Click the colored stars between the title and price or the 5th tab called "Reviews"

Click "Write a review" in the Customer Review section and fill out the form with your review

When complete, click submit review

Why is the Purple Ball Tacky?

The purple ball is our softest ball and at first appears tacky. We have developed a proprietary formula for our balls which allows them to be the firmness they are for maximum therapeutic relief. Over time the tackiness will disappear with use. In the meantime, sprinkle the ball with corn starch to get it silky smooth.